Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More from "The Vault"..

Peace family. Some of you may be familiar with "The Vault", which is boxes upon boxes of papers and composition books that have paved the way of the writing style that I currently use. I am upping a piece from my early days with these degrees and I hope you enjoy it. It's not very complex stylisically, although I do like how i concluded it. Here ya go...

He was born with the ultimate plan,

to rob and make slaves out of all he can

Taught to tell lies,steal and master the original man,

for 6,000 years that muthf*cka had the upper hand

Tryna pay me back for chasin him across the sand

and placin him on the poor part of the land

But the third eye sees all and understands

That it’s devil nature to cause confusion

Inducing illusions on my family by using

Forgotten tricks

Like planting fear inside my child’s men-tal

By shootin pins out the television screen while

Injectin livestock with steroid and chemi-cal

So when eaten it cause unbalances inside ya physi-cal

Which leads to dis-ease and sh*t

Feedin people the wrong foods, to mysteries they submit

Tryna keep us illiterate, which means ignorant

Divide us by callin us African

But what was lost is found, I’m back again

Sharpening the sword

Because you can’t be reformed

Justice must be born,

b@stard you have been warned

600 years of grafting him from me

In Pelan or Patmos, situated on the Aegean Sea

But he’s weak-boned and weak blooded, 6 ounces of brain

Rather than lose time grafting him back,

It’s best to have him slain

Many stripes of pain cause by the beast

Colored man, Caucasoid, universal breaker of peace,

Fast and pray to see the day, hereafter

When the Gods take the devil into the gates of hell and cast them

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Because it's masculine!"

Peace. I was building with my brother Khazire about the often over-used phrase "dealing in emotion/trapped in six" and how there is a certain image projected on being mastered by emotion, yet plenty of the Gods I know be angry as sh*t. Khazire weighed my rant and his response was "They over look anger as an emotion because its masculine, when in actuality losing self to ANY emotion is six sh*t." I agree. Anger is an emotion, damn near the basest of them as well. It doesn't take a supreme mind to express anger..yet the first attribute of Allah is the most merciful..which deals with compassion and empathy. *shrugs* I guess that's different. Nah, seriously though-the phrase that reverberates in my third is something I came up with a while back, which is "the Original Man is God, yet God is more than just the Original Man"(c)T.M.Allah. These emotional faculties are vibrational filters and are there for a reason. Emotion is a system of communication within you. It is an extension of your sensing. We should take care to study it rather than suppress it. A good portion of us being able to efficiently teach is hinged on psychology and sociology, which is heavily doused in the waters of emotion. This subject reminds me of a Bill Burr bit about how macho men gotta act to avoid being teased by other men. Considering that bit makes me think of Eldridge Cleaver's "Soul On Ice" and how he explains the Super-Masculine/Super-Administrative dichotomy as well. I can't help but see a connection of how Colored People's projection of our image is still being perpetuated in my beloved nation. I'm not surprised though, we carry many of the traits of the war-torn generations before us..regardless of how long our names may be or how fast we can quote degrees. There is an air that as men with knowledge of self we are to be devoid of emotion. I disagree. To do that would be to separate yourself from your own sensibilities. I think we are supposed to decipher through our emotions and still make the right and exact decision in order to remain just and true. We often undergo exercises in which we recite lessons under duress, we are to manifest righteousness under even more extreme duress as well. Living in the wilderness of North America, amidst every kind of attack possible is duress. The inner turmoil that results from these attacks is another form as well.Shine through all of that and you'll truly know what rising above six is all about. Peace.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Knowledge Power

Peace family. Today’s mathematics is knowledge-power or knowledge power-refinement, whichever you’ve been taught. I’m ceeing that as “acknowledge/respect your influences”- meaning don’t discount the things that mold/molded your perspective, character and personality. Be they the music you like, the places you frequent, the colors you wear most, etc. You were drawn to these things for a reason. And these factors are attractive to you because you either have a pre-disposition for them or you such thing inspires you to be more “you” than you normally are. Home is where the proverbial heart is or as Philly people would say, these things put you in “your bag”. You are recognizing something that you identify as a part of yourself. To paraphrase the degree, “that planet belongs to you.” That is why the knowledge (1) and power (5) borns equality(6)--even though the quantities are actually ten and five, but I digress. Recognition is dealing with familiarity. Familiarity means there has been a precedent set already. It reminds me of the story of Ausar and his 14 pieces being put back together. Your influences can represent those pieces. We re-discover them in the attempt of re-building a psyche and identity that has been fractured by a wicked system of perpetual mutation and degradation (self-inflicted forms included).

The drawback is the easiest influences to absorb are the negative/ base-natured ones. Bear in mind, 1 in Supreme Alphabets is A)llah, which would elevate my cee to “Allah Influences”. Allah is just and true and there is no unrighteousness in him. So even absorbing these lower vibratory stimuli is a part of the process of us becoming whole once again..becoming the “All” once again. To elevate the cee once more, we, as a people are the “All influential”-and dictate the movement of the world based upon our ebb and flow. This also shows equality, for as we are allowing the world to apply its powers upon us, we still are applying our powers upon it as well. It would serve us to acknowledge/respect OUR influence as well, huh? Peace.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Full of power, not powerful

Peace. Is it a natural phase of development for a person/nation/culture to make separation before making attempts at unification? I ask this because it seems that during the early stages of a person's enlightenment they almost always adopt an idea that what they are doing is "the" thing and everyone else is misled. They express this by attempting to destroy or find flaw in everything that is not what they are currently practicing. I personally went through this phase myself. I call it being "full of power, instead of powerful". By bombing the Pastors , Jehovah Witnesses and Imams, I was not exhibiting the peace that I greeted with. Part of it is based upon the elation of finding concepts that actually ring true within you, another part is the pride that comes with learning something new, part of it is arrogance, and the final part is ignorance. As I grow in wisdom I have realized that my builds become shorter in length, yet more concentrated in strength. I attribute this level of maturity to my ability to examine myself with an honest eye, as it helps me identify when I am acting off of ego, or worse. I have always remembered how many people I have met that had a bad experience with NGE due to someone being full of power. Being true and living WE cannot ask for the 85 to understand us, the responsibility is upon US to have the understanding. It's unfair, yet it is true. The same goes for any other person who claims to be conscious or having knowledge of self. That higher level of self must be expressed ..highly. Peace.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mystery god is pork bacon..LOL!

Peace y'all.Just a quick blurb inspired by a convo me and my Committee had earlier. I have realized that the mystery god is pork bacon. What I mean is pork bacon is considered by most to be "regular" bacon. There was a time when pork was so widely eaten that most places didn't even use the term "pork" unless they were referring to "pulled pork". Bacon was just bacon, and you pretty much knew where it came from. So, if a sandwich has bacon on it, it is pork bacon. Nowaday, people are more health conscious and have abstained from the consumption of as much pork. The specification of beef, turkey, veggie only came in to play when people requested an alternative to pork bacon. But because pork is the usual, beef/turkey/veggie is used to identify when it is NOT pork bacon. Get me? With that said, the average person thinks the mystery god is a regular belief(ie; the usual) and they would be correct as most people seem to adhere to some form of a mystery god/spookism. The term mystery god, came into play when the concept of true and living god started being utilized to contrast the idea of an unseen being that exists everywhere. So when most people hear the term god, they presume mystery god is meant. You could say these people are still living in that"pre-health conscious" time (mentally). So, they think the norm/customary is the mystery god (which is kinda funny because the concept is fairly new considering how old the world is). In that sense, the mystery god could be likened to pork bacon. I also cee this concept supported by 10/36(Because he taught him how to eat the wrong foods) also. Pork is definitely the wrong food, as is any scapegoat relied on to provide things that you should be responsible to provide. With that I say peace.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Science of Life- adding on...(Nature of Black man/woman)

Peace family. I was deliberating whether I was going to build on this subject, and as you cee, I have decided in the affirmative.I was listening to the Science Of Life blog talk radio show one day brother named Natural Tehuti who was providing some information on why he thinks the black woman preceded the black man and that the black man is a degenerate black woman. He was also stating a theory that male sperm is not necessary in activating the female egg and ultimately a woman can produce a child without a man. Now, I am familiar with some of the angle/approach he presented, as I have asked the question previously "why do men have nipples?". The Gods who host the show were driving home a more physical aspect in regard to the male necessity in pro-creation, and the function/origin of the "Y" chromosome(which Natural Tehuti easily backed away from trying to refute LOL) however they seemed nervous to approach the "degenerate woman" aspect. Natural Tehuti was saying that the penis is an enlarged clitoris and the testes are a variance of ovaries. I think the major discrepancy with both angles was they were being used to invalidate the other, when they actually compliment each other. What I mean is, Natural Tehuti said its electromagnetic energy from the man that activates the egg. I agree;however, we are not solely energetic beings. Sex is not solely an energetic act. There is a complex system of physical,psychic, chemical and energy dynamics that make us who are. All of these factors would come into play when procreating as well.There is no one way about it.The Gods shied away from the "penis/clitoris" thing and the "mammary gland/lactating man" thing for the most part-which is cool, we shouldn't speak on what we don't know. I commend them for not reacting off ego. Let me add on though, Allah is Arm Leg Leg Arm Head. This is the base template of what a human being must have/look like. The only variance of that is gender(which of course is determined by the father). The woman's eggs ONLY carry the base template of Arm,Leg,Leg,Arm,Head. Anything less or more is considered an abnormality/deformation. The existence of the "Y" chromosome shows the miraculous power of Allah . I have my own theory too, that the woman provides the housing(body) and the man provides the resident(brain/spine). This is a physical theory based on the concept of the brain/spine(CNS) is a highly evolved sperm cell. Check the similarities. The characteristics of the child that is produced are a combination of the traits provided by the father and mother. Natural Tehuti kept saying we must place the black woman back onto her proper pedestal. I agree. We can't do it based on belief though( as he stated his teaching is based upon). The woman needs to be able to stand strong on her foundation, so that she can show and prove her divine position. The universe is a complicated mutual relationship, just the like human body. The "man first/woman first" argument is as stupid as debating whether the heart is more important than the lungs. Stop reducing the value of our family, by focusing on the individual members. Separation is a tool of devil manufacturing. With that I say peace.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Peace family. I FINALLY had the pleasure of experiencing Khalik Allah's latest film masterpiece- "Popa Wu: A 5% Story". It is a documentary style film on Freedum Allah, one of the elder Gods of the Nation of Gods and Earths, and the honored patriarch figure of the iconic musical group "Wu Tang Clan". The film is a walk with Freedum through several different levels of self, including his road from youth into the man we know and love nowadays. He runs through some of the pages of his "Book of Life", revealing his rise from the depths of Brooklyn, to the heavenly heights of our universal family and the world abroad. As some of you may recall, I also wrote a piece on Khalik's film "Azreal: A 5% Story", which I also loved; however, the difference in these two depictions are staggering in how they aid in telling the respective stories in contrasting fashion. The growth in cinematography and style that is present in this most recent execution is nothing short of brilliance. I would have to say, Khalik is leaning on full mastery of the art of filmography. I mean, lemme keep it "a hunnid", I'm a self-proclaimed movie buff, and I found myself a little bit sad when the movie was over(hahaha). Seriously, the scenes were so engaging I forgot I was only watching a 2 dimensional record of the events. Can you say "encompassing"? had me. My favorite parts include Rza and Freedum building on "weakness of the flesh"-to witness the equality shared between those great minds was beautiful!! Here they are discussing the innerworkings of man, with a look of pure inquiry sparkling in their eyes that is only rivaled by two children examining a brand new action figure.Considering how fiery his style and personality is, his love is extremely evident in moments like those. Another one of my favorites is the shot of Freedum walking through the tunnels of the Broadway Junction running down a glimpse of the gang scenery in Brooklyn during his formative years. He even spits the names of all the street gangs from his area-which hit home for me, because my Father and Mother tell similar stories all the time, as they share the same associations as well(Tomahawks and Pure Hells respectively). The on-screen marriage of Popa Wu and Khalik is 60 minutes of how the Original Man is God, yet God is much more than just the Original man. If you haven't grabbed this film, I suggest you do so ( If you have it already, I suggest you grab another one and pass it off to a friend. So many times I see one of the Gods or Earths put out a product that is not appealing, expecting for the universal family to support it just because we are universal family. I don't agree with this. I will give to anyone who is in need, that is no problem at all. However, when you propose a trade of goods for gold, you should have a product that is actually satisfies the desires of the consumer. Popa Wu: A 5% Story IS THAT PRODUCT!!!!PEACE!!!